How to Become a Diplomat

How to Become a Diplomat
Are you looking for a job that could excel you professionally, personally, and financially? Do you wish to meet with high profile dignitaries? Are you dreaming to meet Presidents, Prime Ministers and Foreign officials? If yes, then you need to join Foreign Service. No doubt, the qualification required for becoming a diplomat is too high yet if you work hard, you can transform this dream into reality.  In this article, we will give you some tips about “How to become a Diplomat”.

1. Find out the criteria to become a diplomat in your country:
First of all contact the federal agency that deals with International Relations. In France, it is Ministry of Foreign Affairs while in United States it is the “Department of State”. When you make contact to the respective agency ask about the professional qualifications, experience, language proficiencies and preferred fields of study. It is also necessary to ask that whether it’s mandatory to have natural birth in the county you apply for or not.  Age requirement is different in all countries but in United States it must be between the ages of 21 and 59.

2. Consider your personal qualifications:
For diplomats, physical fitness is of paramount important. You need to submit a certificate that you are capable for extensive traveling and you do not have any physical impairment.  Apart from this, check that whether you quality for security clearance or not. Prior to appointing a diplomat, the recruiting agency checks that were you involved in any criminal activity, do you take drugs, and do you have any financial liability? The most important thing is that do you have the temperament to lead your country across the globe? Remember one thing that you will have to represent your country hence you must be capable of adopting the diversity of cultures.

3. Complete the necessary formal course work at accredited schools:
In some countries, there are universities which offer you programs for preparing you to become a good diplomat. Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University (United States) and Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University (United Kingdom) are worth citing examples.

4. Register with your government’s foreign affairs office:
In United States, you have to submit an application with the Department of State. But in United Kingdom, you have to apply through Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

5. Pass the necessary written and oral exams:
Every country conducts different exams from aspiring diplomats. You have to show that you have good knowledge of politics, current affairs, international issues and world events.  In United States there is an exam called as Foreign Service Officer’s Exam. This is a written exam of 3 hours and once you qualify it, you will be summoned for oral exams. Generally, these exams are taken for measuring that whether you are capable to represent the United States government abroad or not.  Lastly, after qualifying the exam, you will be trained about the functions of diplomacy.

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