How to Prepare for Your Probate Attorney Consultations

After a loved one dies, dealing with his or her estate can be incredibly stressful. Probate attorney consultations can help with this.

The first thing to determine is whether or not your loved one has a will.

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If so, it is critical to bring the will to the first meeting with your attorney. The will explains where the assets of the estate are supposed to be directed, and can greatly speed up the probate process. If there is no will, the process will take a lot longer.

Next, bring a list of as many assets as you can identify. Identifying all of the assets of an estate can be time-consuming in some cases, so if you know your list is incomplete, bring any documentation you have that shows where accounts may have been kept. Think about retirement accounts, bank accounts, and significant property such as vehicles and real estate. You may also want to bring copies of the wills of other relatives who have recently passed and passed assets on to the deceased. This will help the lawyer to identify other assets in the estate.

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