I’ve Been In A Truck Accident How Do I Go About Finding A Lawyer?

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Driving on the road is always a risk. What happens when no amount of planning prepares you for the aftermath of a crash?

On paper it’s important to know how to go about finding a lawyer when you get into a wreck, but reality often unfolds much differently. Although car crashes number in the thousands each and every year in the United States, too many Americans are deeply unfamiliar with the process of hiring a car accident lawyer. When you add potential distracted driving or drunk driving charges to the mix? It can seem impossible to figure out while recovering from your injuries and figuring out the fine print on your insurance.

Learn more about finding a lawyer, as well as the rate of car crashes in America, by reading below.

Over one million people will die in car accidents every year around the world. The open road is filled with hazards, with some rising significantly depending on the time of year or the weather. Car crashes can be caused by subtle vehicle negligence, such as failing to install winter tires or overlooking the state of worn out brakes. They can also be caused by a minor lapse in judgement while changing in the radio dial. All these different factors are studied by motorcycle accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys to not just help those in need, but spread knowledge on how to avoid these incidents in the first place.

Despite local laws cracking down harder than before and mainstream campaigns attempting to spread awareness on the nature of driving safely, drunk driving is still widespread. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime and one that can net either a heavy fine or multiple years in jail. Other punishments can include a revoked license. A car accident lawyer can focus on certain wrecks in particular, such as the aftermath of a motorcycle crash or a semi-truck pile-up. Finding a lawyer that can represent the little details in your case is imperative.

This includes not just drunk driving, but distracted driving incidents. These claimed nearly 3,500 lives in 2015 alone, with many easy to avoid with increased awareness. Distracted driving describes the act of having one’s attention compromised by outside activities, also dubbed ‘manual subtasks’. This can be eating food, changing the radio dial, texting, talking on the phone or attempting to do make-up. It’s estimated over three million people are injured each and every year in car accidents on American roads.

Motorcycle accidents and semi-truck accidents are some of the most devastating. It’s estimated a sheer 90% of all commercial truck accidents are either caused or worsened by human error. This can be on behalf of the truck driver or concerning other drivers or passengers on the open road. Overall semi-trucks are involved in nearly 500,000 accidents every year. Motorcycles have some of the highest rates of death due to increased impact and lessened protection. It’s thought motorcycle accidents account for over 35% of spinal cord injuries each year.

Finding a lawyer after an accident is how you get back on your feet with sanity to spare. The U.S. Department Of Justice has deemed the most common personal injury cases to be motor vehicle accidents at just over 50%, followed close behind by medical malpractice and product liability suits. Another study also found nearly 25% of semi-truck accidents being caused by a driver attempting to travel too fast for current road conditions. No matter what outside elements factor into your case, finding a lawyer will help you be represented in the courtroom should your case fail to be settled pre-trial.

Ask your law firm for help in these trying times. You don’t have to recover from a car accident alone.

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