Preventing Cycling Injuries

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Many people begin bicycling to become healthy and to improve their quality of life. Burning calories while enjoying fresh air and saving money on gas almost sounds too good to be true, but cycling is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to exercise. While many people suffer bicycling injuries that can make riding unpleasant, these are often minor and require little treatment.

One of the most common bicycling injuries is muscle fatigue. Bicycling works the quad muscles on top of the legs more than any other muscle, and these can fill up with lactic acid during a workout, causing soreness. Alternating between standing and sitting while riding can give these muscles a rest while working other muscles that may need attention.

Muscle tightness accounts for a large number of bicycling injuries, as well. Working tight muscles can result in painful sprains and tearing. To prevent these injuries, cyclists should stretch and warm up before every ride, as well as cooling down after they finish their workouts.

Some bicycling injuries are simply caused by ill-fitting equipment. Back, neck, knee, and wrist pain can all be exacerbated by continued use of a bicycle that is not set up for the cyclist’s height. Changing the position of the bike’s seat, handlebars, and pedals can relieve strain in these areas of the body, making it easier to ride for longer amounts of time.

Of course, some injuries arise no matter how many preventive measures a cyclist has taken. If a cyclist is involved in a car and bicycle accident, the potential injuries are countless. From bruising and road rash to broken bones and bicycle head injuries, car and bike accidents can be devastating. Cyclists should always wear a helmet and bright clothing to minimize their risk for bicycle accident injuries.

With the right equipment and knowledge, any cyclist can work to prevent cycling injuries. Taking steps to avoid accidents will only increase the cyclist’s level of safety.

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