Simple Steps That Will Help You Find the Right Elder Abuse Lawyer

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When caring for seniors, families often face challenges in find the best long-term solution for care. And even when all precautions are taken and the best of intentions are had, families may come to the unfortunate realization that their elder loved ones are being abused.

Although many people assume elder abuse only happens in nursing home facilities, it can happen anywhere seniors are cared for, even in their home. Common signs of elder abuse include unexplained bruises, cuts, and repeated physical injury. In addition to physical injuries, abused seniors may show signs of emotion abuse such as depression, fear, and behaving withdrawn.

If you suspect your loved is being abused, it’s important to retain an elder abuse attorney immediately. Whether it’s nursing home abuse or concerns regarding a home aide, and elder abuse lawyer can help you see that justice is served.

Here’s how to find the right elder abuse lawyer for your needs:

Personal referrals

One of the best ways to find an elder abuse attorney is to reach out to your social network. You may have family members or friends who can refer someone they’ve worked with before. Many elder abuse lawyers use word of mouth as a way to connect with new clients, and you’re more likely to feel comfortable with a lawyer that was personally referred to you. Even if you don’t think anyone in your social network knows of a local elder abuse attorney, they may know of someone who does.

County bar association

As a smaller extension of a state bar agency, a county bar association is a great resource for finding the right elder abuse lawyer. Contact your local county bar association for more information on elder abuse lawyers in your area, such as if any past disciplinary action for malpractice. Your county’s bar association can help you narrow down your list of potential elder abuse lawyers, and find one’s that have experience in specialized areas, such as nursing home neglect.


Initial consultations provide an excellent opportunity to get know more about an elder abuse lawyer close up and face-to-face. It’s a perfect to ask questions about experience, billing, and years and areas of practice. Be sure to make the most of this time by arriving prepared with any relevant information, such as medical records, financial statements, photos, and anything else pertaining to your case. Take notes after each consultation, and use these to make your final decision.

Between emotional, financial, and everything in between, elder abuse can take many forms. Fortunately however, there is an elder abuse attorney that is experienced in each area. If you have concerns about the safety and well being of a senior, contact a local elder abuse lawyer immediately. They can help you navigate the legal system and see that justice is served.

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