Taking A Closer Look At Common Personal Injury Cases In The United States

Personal injury cases are quite hugely commonplace all throughout the United States. After all, personal injury claims can stem from a number of different root causes, something that has only increased the prevalence of such legal issues in our country. There are even five top reasons that someone might file a personal injury claim. Car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents, making up more than 50% of all personal injury claims, make up the top slot. Medical malpractice claims come in as the second most common reason to file a personal injury claim, as they make up as much as 15% of all personal injury claims seen in the United States. And even cases of product liability have been found to make up as many as 5% of all personal injury cases seen in this country. Cases of premises liability and wrongful death round out the top five.

Fortunately, many specialty lawyers can be found in the United States, lawyers like the typical medical malpractice lawyer who can help to get the best possible outcome for just about any personal injury case out there. A medical malpractice lawyer is in high demand as well, as there are at least 20,000, if not more, medical malpractice cases filed over the course of the typical year. And as the medical malpractice lawyer will know, such cases can, in and of themselves, stem from many a root cause.

For instance, birth injuries are a common cause behind personal injury cases. As a medical malpractice lawyer can easily argue, birth injuries can all too quickly and irrevocably impact the lives of mother, of baby, and of the whole family. In the most tragic cases, birth injuries have even been known to lead to death. And still, the typical medical malpractice attorney will attest to the fact that other instances of medical malpractice are also commonplace, such as issues surrounding mistakes made during surgical procedures. But by filing a medical malpractice personal injury claim wit ha medical malpractice lawyer, you can help to ensure that any additional medical costs that have been accrued can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Of course, the role of the car accident lawyer is just as important, if not even more so, than the role of the medical malpractice attorney. After all, up to 40,000 people will lose their lives in car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents over the course of just one single year (and up to three million will also become injured), according to data reflective of the year of 2017. Unfortunately, there are many different things that can lead to the occurrence of a preventable car accident.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol, for instance, is all too commonplace, with as many as 300,000 people getting behind the wheel while in some way intoxicated over the course of just one single day here in the United States alone. Sadly, this is something that leads to a great deal of tragedy even just on a day to day basis. For instance, up to 28 people will lose their lives, on average, over the course of a single day here in the United States. In addition to this, it is likely that a new person will become injured in a drunk driving related event at least once for every two minutes that pass us by, no matter what time of night or day it might be.

Driving while distracted is also hugely dangerous and something that has only become more and more prominent with the passage of time. After all, technology, as it is today, has made it easier than ever to take your eyes off of the road. However, even looking away from the road for a mere five seconds can have profound and tragic consequences and is not something of which the danger should be underestimated.

From the medical malpractice attorney to the personal injury lawyer to the car accident attorney, there are many professionals out there who can aid in various personal injury cases as they pop up all throughout the country.

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