Technology Makes Its Way Into the Court Room

Deposition questions

Did you know that studies have shown that people retain about 15% of what they are audibly exposed to? However, that number jumps to 65% for things we are visually exposed to. This suggests that video is a much more thorough way to communicate with others. And when communication is most vitally important – in a court room – video deposition services can go a long way.

When presenting information to a jury, time and medium are of the essence. In addition to the format being important, it’s almost important to remember that jurors can experience some fatigue after hearing deposition questions for hours. It’s expected that after 12 hours, retention really starts to drop. In fact, around 86% of jurors say that they attorneys use technology, they better understand the evidence that is being shown for a case. Justice may seem cut and dry but the reality is that a deposition video could be the difference between guilty and innocent.

A deposition video, or a video displaying sworn evidence, is also a great tool during a pre-trial. These videos can help attorneys decide which people to engage during court and which might not help their case. And attorneys are the only people on board with incorporating new technology. When 1,000 judges were asked, about 80% of them said that had experience with the newest court technology or planned to use it in the future.

The court room is not exempt from the patterns of our lives. Everything humans do is now made easier and more efficient with the help of technology. It should come as no surprise that video deposition is the burgeoning edge of bringing more justice to the court room. To see more, read this.

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