The Facts On Being Injured at Work

Were you recently injured at work? This is a horrific situation to be in as the results often do not bode well for the people who get hurt. A workplace injury will take an employee away from work which potentially halts them from receiving a paycheck. Plus, they may end up with costly medical bills that can easily put the average person in debt. Thus, workers compensation is a way for someone injured at work to get what they are owed!

In South Carolina in 2015, there was a car accident every 4 minutes, and a person injured in a crash every 9 minutes. If someone gets hit while working on a construction site, then they are going to be in serious pain and could face lifelong injuries. Thus, they should look to a workers compensation lawyer or a car accident attorney.

There were 56,804 traffic accidents in the state of South Carolina in 2015. Some of these accidents will, unfortunately, involve construction workers. This is where things will go south for both parties involved because the fines and punishments for injuries dealt with a construction worker are out of this world. However, it is justified because this is how an employee injured at work receives their workers compensation.

A blood alcohol content, BAC, of 0.08% is the legal limit for drunk driving in South Carolina. Just about 1.6% of South Carolinians admitted to driving after having too much to drink at least once in the last year. This is the type of situation where a construction worker can end up getting hit by a vehicle and injured at work.

DUI, short for driving under the influence, fines in South Carolina range from $400 for a first offense to over $10000, plus court costs. Workers’ Comp in South Carolina can pay up to $838 per week. So it is definitely worth it for someone who is injured at work to get their just due. The workers compensation that they receive can seriously help them out moving forward.

The most dangerous occupation in South Carolina is nursing, with up to 10.1% of workers injured at work per year. Almost 2.5% of workers in the private sector in South Carolina got injured on the job in 2016. Anyone who gets injured at work needs to get themeselves a talented attorney to make sure they receive the proper workes compensation.

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