The Skinny on Personal Injury Compensation

When you have been in an accident and have suffered injuries, hiring a lawyer who can help you get bodily injury compensation for the damages suffered is what comes to mind. According to personal injury law, you have a specific period after the accident, within which you can approach an attorney and file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Compensation for accident injuries depends on the severity of the injuries. The more serious they are, the higher the compensation will be. The reason you need an attorney by your side is that, often, the responsible party might try to give you a lower settlement than what you deserve.

Personal injury lawsuits need skilled attorneys with in-depth knowledge of legal matters. When it comes to a car accident and personal injury lawyers, make sure you work with the best. This is because most car accidents lead to serious injuries that often require ongoing care. So, how much is a lawsuit worth? Because injuries vary, it will depend on how severely you have been injured. However, the worth is calculated by adding up medical bills, lost wages and damages from suffering. A good attorney working on a contingent fee basis will ensure you get worthy compensation since they will only receive payment after a successful resolution.

Personal injury claims

How the formula works: During negotiations on a claim, an insurance adjuster must add up the total medical expenses the claimant was charged (known as special damages). They will then figure out the number of “general damages” — which is how much compensation needed to cover physical pain and suffering. The insurance adjuster will multiply the two amounts by one and a half to three times (for minor injuries), to five times for severe injuries. The total is the amount where personal injury compensation negotiations can begin.

You will most likely not have to worry about this formula, but your personal injury lawyer, if they make a strong case, can often sway the insurance adjuster to a higher number. Get more here.

Unintentional injury remains the third leading cause of death in the state of Alaska, while around 44 percent of the 8,991 hospitalizations in Alaska were due to slip, trip, or stumble injuries. Accidents such as slips and falls could qualify you for personal injury compensation if you are injured on the job.

Before you can qualify for compensation, you must first seek out a personal injury lawyer — someone who will defend you in court and help you understand how you are protected under the law — and then file a personal injury claim — a document stating when, where, and how your injury occurred.

What is personal injury compensation? Compensation is an amount of money an injured individual can claim from the defendant in court. Personal injury compensation can cover medical bills, hospital bills, property damages, or can pay the individual for the time they’ve missed at work.

When can you file for a claim? Any time you have been injured on the job and feel your employer was negligent. For example, lets say you were driving a company car and got into an accident due to faulty steering because the company refused to get the vehicle inspected. There were 34,552 people involved in traffic crashes in 2009, so this may not be uncommon. First you would need to contact a car accident attorney, and they would tell you to file a personal injury claim.

How do you determine the amount of compensation? This is where things get complicated. There is a mathematical formula that insurance companies use to determine how much money you should be paid in a settlement. Personal injury lawyers should describe this formula to their clients but, if not, here is a quick run-down on how it works:

The formula is needed to calculate exactly how much medical care will cost, missed work time must be worked out to the hour, and an amount must be calculated regarding any emotional damages the claimant suffered.

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