Three Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

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People typically assume that when they move their aging parent into a nursing home that they will be well cared for. The reality is that elderly abuse exists, and it’s not uncommon. In fact, there are cases of elder abuse in one in three nursing homes. Since elderly people are sometimes not aware of the abuse or are unable to report it, it’s important for families to understand the types of abuse and what the signs are, and when you should call a local personal injury attorney.

1. Physical Abuse
A common type of abuse in nursing homes is physical abuse, and it’s also probably the most obvious kind of abuse when it does happen. Physical abuse is just what it sounds like — hitting, kicking, punching, or otherwise causing physical harm to another person. Some warning signs of physical abuse include unexplained bumps, cuts or bruises, signs of restraints, or staff in the nursing home not allowing you to be alone with the person.

2. Financial Exploitation
Aside from physical abuse, people in nursing homes are also at risk for becoming victims of financial exploitation, which is a form of abuse. Since nursing homes are indeed homes, it’s not uncommon for residents to keep valuables and cash with them. It’s important to keep an eye on specific items — or keep the in a different location for safe keeping. Furthermore, it’s good practice to keep an eye on the family member’s accounts and bills as well.

3. Emotional Abuse
Aside from physical abuse and financial exploitation, emotional abuse can also happen in nursing homes. Emotional abuse, simply put, is making a person feel fear, anguish, or anxiety. Though the effects of this may be harder to identify, it’s good to make sure that you ask your family member how they are being treated and take note if a staff member won’t allow you to be alone with them.

If you suspect that a member of your family who lives in a nursing home is being abuse, you could have legal recourse against the home and could file a personal injury lawsuit. If you’re unsure, you should consult with a local personal injury attorney to help.

Have any of your loved ones ever been abused in a nursing home? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.
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