Three Interesting Things You Never Knew About Divorce

How much do you know about the legal procedure of divorce, and what more would you like to know to make it a bit clearer? People often walk into a family law firm with major questions about the legal process of divorce. They want to know things like “can a no-fault divorce be contested?” and “can both husband and wife file for divorce?”. These are important questions that a lawyer can help you out with.

When you need to know can both parties file for divorce, you are already at a point where you need to reach out to your attorney. The thing about divorces is that they are legally messy, and you don’t want to put yourself in the middle of something that could get heated. Instead, you should direct all questions to your attorney and allow that person to handle the situation.

Can I contact my husband’s attorney? The question is something that needs to be directed to your attorney because they are going to be the ones who can best help you avoid making any errors when you are trying to get through your divorce case unscathed. You need to try to target all of your questions at them because they will steer you in the right direction.

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Divorce might not be all that happy of a topic, but it is a pretty interesting one. Here are a few weird facts you didn’t know about marital splits.

It’s Much More Common Than You Might Think.

You might have heard from family law attorneys that divorce was a lot more common than you might think, but you might not have heard how common it really is. According to recent statistics, there are two divorces in the U.S. ever minute. That’s about 120 divorces every hour. Even sadder, one statistic family law attorneys commonly cite is that one in every four families will face divorce.

First Marriages Usually End Around the Age of 30 and Last For Only Eight Years.

There have been so many studies on divorces that it’s almost down to a statistical science. The most common client divorce attorneys see are about 30-year-old, which is the average age for couples going through their first divorce. What’s more, these marriages only lasted for about eight years.

The Digital Age Is Changing Why Some Are Splitting Up.

More and more, text messages and mobile phone images are being used during divorce. About 92% of family law attorneys cited an increase in cases using evidence taken from smart phones over the past three years. Social media is also having an effect, too. About 81% of family law attorneys said they’ve seen increased use of evidence pulled from social networking sites during the last five years, with Facebook being cited as the main one.

Although it’s not the most joyful of all topics, it’s still interesting to think that family law attorneys have helped so many people — 200 new people each day — that they’ve compiled statistical evidence showing what age divorces most frequently happen, how long they last, and how our modern society is changing why some are getting divorced.

If you’re going through a separation, contact one of your local divorce lawyers to get the help you need to navigate the complicated legal work, for a better result. If you have any questions about how family law attorneys can help, feel free to share in the comments.

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