Three of the Best Bad Car Accidents in Cinematic History

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The darkness heightens the tension. The engine revs and the vehicle accelerates, but something creeps into the peripheral of your vision. It’s too late–a collision is inevitable. The impact is sudden. The sound of rending metal and shattering glass fills the space.

Thankfully, you’re safe in your seat at the theater, because it’s just a movie.

Films feature some of the most crazy car accidents today–scenes so catastrophic that it’s a surprise no one was hurt during their filming (and that the protagonist is able to walk away from them for that matter). Though you may hear about some bad car accidents on the news tonight, it’s a guarantee that none of them will be as catastrophic as these scenes.

Here are some of the best car accident scene to ever grace the big screen.

Final Destination 2

The Final Destination horror franchise always has a way of outdoing itself, and the first sequel trumped its predecessor by featuring one the best bad car accidents in film history. The scene involves multiple a multi-vehicle collision that plays out like a deadly Rube Goldberg machine on an interstate.

Matrix: Reloaded

Naturally, a scene that involves two massive semi trucks smashing into each other is going to make it onto this list, but what makes this sequel’s scene so jaw-droppingly cool is that it’s done in slow motion so viewers get to see all the mayhem unfold in excruciating detail, while a hero and a villain do battle above it, of course.


Twister is not only great because someone drops the line, “We got cows!” but also because it features some pretty interestingly bad car accidents sprinkled throughout the disaster flick. One particularly memorable scene involves the eponymous tornado sucks up an entire SUV.

It should also be noted that if you’re ever in a scenario that’s only a fraction as dangerous as these movie scenes, you should contact car accidents lawyers immediately. Bad car accidents are serious, and should be treated seriously. However, there’s no harm in indulging in the adrenaline rush that comes from watching bad car accidents on the big screen.

If this list omitted some of your favorite, cinematic, bad car accidents, feel free to share them in the comments. Visit here for more.

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