Three Tips For Avoiding Car Accidents

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The last thing anyone wants is to have to contact a law firm either to defend them or file a case on their behalf, but the need arises all too often. One of the main reasons that people need legal help is because of some type of accident that happens on the road. In fact, over 2 million people were injured in some type of automobile accident on the road in 2013 alone. You cannot control how others act on the road, but you can educate yourself to make sure that you are being a safe and defensive driver. Below are three easy ways to do just that:

1. Don’t Drink and Drive – This may be something that you’ve heard since you were in middle school, but it is still an imperative part of staying safe on the road. People drive drunk nearly 300,000 times every day which is a startling and scary statistic for those of us who commit to driving sober. The sad truth is that even with that many people driving drunk each day, only about 4,000 of them are actually arrested. With taxis, ride shares, and other forms of transportation, it is easy to find other ways to get where you need to go without getting behind the wheel.

2. Maintain Your Vehicle – Many people do not understand the importance of properly maintaining their vehicle. Although it may not be a leading cause of vehicle accidents, issues with equipment malfunctions absolutely play a part. Proper vehicle maintenance may be as simple as making sure that your tires are not too worn, your fluids are where they need to be, and your mirrors and lights are all in working condition. Make these checks an annual or bi-annual item to look at and you’ll be all set. Don’t let something as small as a headlight bulb be the reason you have to call local law firms.

3. Drive Without Distractions Many car and truck accidents happen because the driver of the vehicle is distracted by something they are doing, such as a cell phone, radio, beverage, etc. Committing to be a distraction free driver is a great way to make sure you don’t end up needing to call a personal injury lawyer because of an accident that is your fault. Encourage your friends and family members to take a no texting pledge so that you can keep them safe, as well. Studies show that over 650,000 drivers are using cell phones at any given daylight moment in America. Do yourself a favor and don’t be a part of that statistic.

Personal injury law firms get quite a bit of business because people do not take the three reminders above to heart. The next time you get behind the wheel, keep them in mind and you will be that much more aware than many other drivers you will likely encounter. If you are injured in a car accident don’t hesitate to contact attorneys so that you can use their expertise to make sure you are compensated for any damages.

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