What are Civil Rights and How Can You Protect Them

When to seek legal advice for injury

Civil rights law is a group of laws which protect individuals from government action that is not warranted. This includes unwarranted discrimination or repression. If someone, being an individual or the government interferes with these rights then you have the right to file a claim. Seeking the advice of a civil rights lawyer for legal advice or legal consultation will help you.

What Are Civil Rights
Civil rights include the right to freedom, the right of assembly and the right of press. Your right to vote as well as servitude that is not voluntary are also included in your civil rights. Finally the right to have equality in all places, especially public places, is another civil right. Unreasonable searches and seizures are another civil right, along with freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.

What Does This Mean for You
This means that you have the right to work without being forced into labor. You have the right not be discriminated against based on your race, religion or sex. You also have the right to have equal access to such things as health care and education.

How are Civil Rights Violations Dealt With
The first step in your civil rights claim is to have a civil rights attorney explain your legal rights. Once your complaint is filed it will be received and an investigation will take place. From there it will go before a grand jury and the indictment phase will take place. After this there will be a trial.

How do Personal Injury Lawyers Differ from Civil Rights Lawyers
Civil rights lawyers focus on an individuals civil rights which have been tampered with. Personal injury lawyers help people who have been hurt in one way or another. Personal injury lawyer deal with injury while civil rights lawyers deal with individual rights. Approximately 95 to 965 of personal injury cases are settled before they even go to trial. This means that approximately four to five percent of personal injury cases ever make it to trial.

In order to determine how to best handle your case, make sure seek the advice of an experienced attorney who knows civil rights law and personal injury law. They can offer the correct legal advice to advise you of the best way to handle your claim. They can offer tips and helpful hints to make your claim go as smoothly as possible during this traumatic time in your life.

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