What Is the Greatest Challenge You Have Ever Faced in Life?

This day, 21 years ago, was the greatest day of your life. Right up until it wasn’t. Just as you were planning to celebrate the 21st birthday of your oldest son, you got a phone call that there had been an accident. Your son will survive, but after a drunk driver ran through a stop light your son will be spending several days in the hospital and will require a number of months of physical therapy. On the day when the your son was celebrating turning the legal drinking age, he was smart enough to have a sober friend drive. The other driver, however, was not that smart.
Just when you were trying to get your head around having a 21 year old son you are faced with the reality that life can change in an instant. Not a day will go by that you will not thank God for the fact that your son survived. Your son has always lived with an enthusiasm that is contagious, and already understood the value of being present in the moment and investing in his relationships. He is reliable, upbeat, positive, and genuinely happy, and with the help of a car accident attorney you are hopeful that he will stay that way.
Car Accident Injury Cases Are Complicated and Confusing

If you or a loved one have ever been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s distraction or negligence then you likely know that few things are simple. Just as you realize that you are glad to be alive you begin to realize that there are bills that you will need to be made and difficult transitions that you will face. Without the help of a car accident injury attorney, in fact, these problems are often too complicated and confusing to navigate.
The latest research indicates that in addition to the personal injuries that are suffered, total property damage costs from car accidents in 2010 was $76.1 billion, amounting to 31% of all economic costs. All of these factors play into the challenges that victims face when they have been injured by a distracted driver. These challenges also play an important role in the need for a car accident attorney or entire personal injury law firms.

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