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The Top Four Ways a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is probably what most people think of when they think about filing bankruptcy. Of the approximately 1,071,932 bankruptcy filings in the United States last year, most were Chapter 7.
In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of the debtor’s debts are liquidated and forgiven. If you are unable to make your monthly debt payments, this might be the answer for you to get a fresh start. And while you technically don’t need to hire an attorney when you file bankruptcy, most experts say it’s in your best interest to do so.
When you hire a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, you will find that the benefits far outweigh the costs.
Here are the top four advantages of hiring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney for Chapter 7 bankruptcy help:
1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys protect y

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Three of the Best Bad Car Accidents in Cinematic History

Aviation accident lawyer
The darkness heightens the tension. The engine revs and the vehicle accelerates, but something creeps into the peripheral of your vision. It’s too late–a collision is inevitable. The impact is sudden. The sound of rending metal and shattering glass fills the space.
Thankfully, you’re safe in your seat at the theater, because it’s just a movie.
Films feature some of the most crazy car accidents today–scenes so catastrophic that it’s a surprise no one was hurt during their filming (and that the protagonist is able to walk away from them for that matter). Though you may hear about some bad car accidents on the news tonight, it’s a guarantee that none o

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You’re Not Alone Hire a DUI Lawyer Now

Domestic violence defense attorney
Driving under the influence is never a good idea, and every state in the country has laws in effect in order to curb and reprimand this behavior. Luckily, law firms understand that even those who are charged with a DUI need to be represented in court. A criminal lawyer, specifically a DUI defense lawyer, is well versed in DUI law and they work with their clients in order to obtain a more lenient sentence.
What is driving under the influence? Driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher in the United States is considered driving under the influence. In some states, such as California, second time offenders can spend up to a year in jail and/o

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