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Common Civil Rights Violations

Approximately one in three black Americans admit to having experienced discrimination within the past year. Fifty percent of those have experienced it either in the workplace or in the voting booth. Sometimes discrimination against color is not so well known. Discrimination may occur secretly or out in the open, but it is important to recognize it and immediately address it in order for it to stop.
There is a wide gap between the wealth of white Americans and non-white Americans. Many may not know this gap, but it does indeed exist. The measurement of wealth, such as savings accounts, retirement accounts, mortgage loans and credit card balances are far outpaced by white families compared to black families. White families on average are about four times as wealthy as nonwhite families.

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Facing Bankruptcy? Alternative Dispute Resolution May be Able to Keep You Out of the Courts!

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Alternative dispute resolution is the term used for substitute ways of solving a legal conflict. For example, mediation and arbitration are types of alternative dispute resolution. In many circumstances they can be alternatives to going to court, which is why they are known as alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative dispute resolution may be a substitute for going to court. If it is, you should consider which process might be less costly, faster, less stressful, and what outcome you might end up with. If you have bankruptcy issues, you can consider whether you want to suggest some kind of alternative dispute resolution rather than

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Injured on the Job? Finding the Best Workers Compensation Lawyer

Work injury lawyer
Although the overall rate of workplace accidents continues to decrease, annual payments to workers who sustain injuries on the job total over $60 billion every year. As recently as two years ago, there were over 170,000 back injuries reported to workers compensation lawyers, along with over 500,000 other injuries related to falls and sprains sustained while on the job.
In general, workers compensation does pay for the total cost of medical care for people who get injured at work, along with financial recompense for time lost from work. Some jobs have much higher injury rates than others: nurses who provide patient care in hospitals and nursing homes report tri

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