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Are You Concerned for Your Safety in Your Current Marriage?

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All of the news about sexual predators, be they politicians or the highest paid actors and producers, is exhausting. As a survivor of several different types of abuse, you have spent the last few nights awake tossing and turning. You know people who have suffered abuse and you have also know what happens when someone is falsely accused. And while you hope that the latest news trend of another day another abuser will soon come to an end, you feel great relief in the fact that you have removed yourself and your children from a horrible situation.
The day that you finally found the strength to call a divorce lawyer and talk about ending your marriage and th

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Are You Concerned About the Future of Your Marriage?

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Things immediately changed when you had your second child. Although your husband had been both attentive and generous with his time when you brought your first son home from the hospital, your husband seemed both impatient and frustrated when you brought your second son home. Although you had a caesarean section for both boys, your husband did not seem to honor that procedure and the doctor’s guidelines with baby number two.
As an example, just one week after you were home from the hospital your husband informed you that he thought you should get up and move around when you asked him if he would go make a bottle for the baby. This comment might have gone unnoticed but your aunt, uncle, and cousin were visiting when it happened and you noticed their surprise. When your relatives noticed t

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The Power of a Legal Counsel Disability

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Although everyone dreams of having that three bedroom house with a white picket fence and life that seems perfect to everyone on the outside, life throws curve balls. Whether it is a divorce, a work related injury, or full on disability, the perils of life mean that the only thing certain is uncertainty.
In these times, it may be worthwhile to contact someone who knows the ins and outs of certain organizations–like the Social Security Administration or your local appellate court. Someone who is steeped in the workings of the legal process, who can guide you, your family, and your case to the best possible outcome.
An injury attorney for an injury.
A divorce lawyer for divorce.
A disability lawyer for disability.
It’s helpful to have a representative, as they co

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Are Yo a Victim of a Personal Injury Accident?

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The 18 wheeler should not have been on the residential street, but the driver was evidently off course. And while he was not speeding when he came through the neighborhood, his rig was too big to successfully navigate the corner in front of your home. As he made the last corner his trailer literally pushed your car out of the way and onto the lawn. The resulting damage extended from the front of the car clear to the back of the car. Fortunately, the driver of the 18 wheeler stopped and took responsibility. You were sitting in the house and did not even know that the damage had happened.
Semi Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You Find the Solutions You Need
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