Month: November 2014

Chapter 11 vs chapter 13 bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy timeline
What it means to file bankruptcy

Three Steps Everyone Should Take After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

Did you know that the most likely reason you will ever have to interact with a police officer is through being pulled over for a traffic violation? Across the country, police issue an astounding 112,000 traffic tickets each day! That means it’s highly likely that you will receive a traffic ticket at some point in […]

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Personal injury attorney arkansas
Semi truck accident attorneys
Truck injury attorney

Tips for Finding the Right Social Security Disability Lawyer For Your Needs

UPDATED 1/29/21 Suppose your life has been impacted and you become disabled, applying for the social security disability benefits can be challenging. You will need to hire your local ssi attorneys to help you get your benefits. The disability attorney is experienced in these issues and will do the following on your behalf. Carry out […]

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Intellectual property law attorneys
Intellectual property lawyer
What is legal opinion

Intellectual Property Protection for Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

If you’re someone who has invented a new or useful product, created an artistic work, or developed a brand name or logo, you most likely need to seek out intellectual property protection. Protecting your ideas and inventions is crucial when it comes to preserving your livelihood, whether that’s through a single creative venture or an […]

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Appeal law firms
Criminal law attorney
How to find an appeal attorney

Do You Have Grounds for an Appeal?

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you should know you have the right to hire a criminal appeal attorney to appeal that conviction if you believe a legal error may have occurred. Once convicted and having decided to appeal, your title in the case changes from ‘defendant’ to ‘appellant.’ Filing an appeal requests that […]

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How to file bankruptcy
St. louis missouri traffic attorney
What is chapter 7 bankruptcy

The Top Three Places Where You Can Seek Help for Your Bankruptcy

Most people believe that the best place to get bankruptcy services is through a law firm that specializes in bankruptcy, and they are correct. There are other places you can get bankruptcy advice and services, but with the newer bankruptcy laws, it can be risky. If you decide to declare bankruptcy without a lawyer, you […]

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Elder abuse lawyers
Pedestrian accident lawyer los angeles

The Essential Steps to Take After a Car Accident

No one expects to be in a car accident, and when they are, it can be an unsettling experience. Often times, a person is so flustered that they don’t know what to do after car accidents, and who can blame them? The moments after any kind of crash, whether it be a collision between two […]

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5 ways to prove emotional distress:
Personal injury lawyer
St louis employment lawyer

What Happens to Pedestrians in Car Accident Cases

Auto accident lawyers deal with plenty of cases involving car-on-car accidents, but what happens when a car hits a pedestrian? And what will an auto accident lawyer do to get a pedestrian a settlement if they’re hit by a car while walking? Contrary to popular belief, the driver isn’t automatically at fault when a pedestrian […]

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