3 Benefits of Hiring a Surrogacy Attorney

Welcoming a baby into your life is a beautiful event. Sometimes, the best way for this to happen is to work with a surrogate mother. Many people wonder how to hire a surrogate.

According to Sensible Surrogacy, it’s best to consult an attorney that specializes in surrogacy. They can give you a surrogates parents guide, based on the laws of your state. They specialize in helping you navigate legal and financial details.

You may wonder, “What is the difference between gestational carrier and surrogate?” According to Very Well Family, a surrogate carries a baby using her eggs to which sperm is added. Since she carries the baby until its birth, she is the gestational carrier. If a woman provides eggs for another woman to carry (after fertilization), that is considered an egg donation.

You may wonder about the requirements for surrogates. According to Surrogate Solutions, to have a surrogate baby, a woman must have a BMI under 33, and she must have previously carried and delivered a child. As you can see, there are steps to take in the surrogacy process. Contacting a surrogacy attorney will ensure your child’s birth occurs as seamlessly as possible.

It’s often the dream of many couples to be able to have children together. Research from the National Women’s Health Resource Center found that about 10% of all couples, of childbearing age, have difficulties conceiving. Therefore, certain couples must find a surrogate to achieve this goal. If you’re partnering with a surrogate, it’s wise to consider hiring a surrogacy lawyer. With that in mind, here are three wise reasons to hire the services of a surrogacy attorney.

    • Answering Any Legal Questions You Might Have

      While surrogacy is a great option for parents unable to conceive, it’s understandable to have certain questions. Considering the importance of this situation, you want to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. If you have any legal questions about this process, it’s important to have them answered by a reproductive law attorney.

    • Understanding Surrogacy Laws in Your State

      It’s understandable for couples to assume that surrogacy laws are the same, regardless of the state you’re in. However, this isn’t true. Surrogacy laws can vary by state, sometimes even by county or city. A reproductive law attorney can help you understand how local laws apply to your current surrogacy situation.

    • Avoiding Risk Regarding Parental Rights

      Infertility is often defined as being unable to conceive after at least one year or more of unprotected intercourse. Dealing with infertility places an understandable amount of strain on couples. Therefore, you don’t want to create more stress by not having some type of legal representation throughout the surrogacy process. Fortunately, having a lawyer on your side helps ensure that parental rights are established. This reduces any risk for you and your loved one while partnering with a surrogate.

In closing, there are several wise reasons to have a surrogacy lawyer on your side. A reproductive law attorney isn’t only helpful for straight couples. In fact, research shows that almost 2 million LGBT individuals are interested in adopting children of their own. If you’re an LGBT individual in a relationship that’s having a child through a surrogate, it’s important to have legal representation. In these situations, it’s wise for these individuals to hire the services of a same sex surrogacy lawyer.

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