Day: December 19, 2018

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What to do After an At Fault Accident

You are in your lifted truck, your pride and joy that you have had since you graduated high school. You paid for this baby with all of your own hard earned savings, and you have taken care of her well. She is fresh out of the shop with new tires, and you are out for […]

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Adoption attorney
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Same sex surrogacy lawyers

3 Benefits of Hiring a Surrogacy Attorney

It’s often the dream of many couples to be able to have children together. Research from the National Women’s Health Resource Center found that about 10% of all couples, of childbearing age, have difficulties conceiving. Therefore, certain couples must find a surrogate to achieve this goal. If you’re partnering with a surrogate, it’s wise to […]

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Negligence or misconduct
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Serious Motorcycle Accidents and The Many Different Causal Incidents

The danger of riding a motorcycle is often preached to every child, but as you grow up they become more exciting. However, there are serious motorcycle accidents every year. These accidents are debilitating and evening deadly for many people. Motorcycle Accidents Being so hard to see by many other drivers, there is a greater risk […]

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