Month: March 2015

Personal injury attorney
Personal injury lawyer
St. louis dram shop liability attorney

Have an Accident? Here’s How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Three Simple Steps

There is an adage that goes- your network is your net worth. This is more than true. You are at an advantage point if you know people in different fields. For example, knowing a lawyer who deals with family law will help you get a referral for an injury attorney. Additionally, an attorney for personal […]

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Granite city injury lawyer
Motorcycle crash statistics
St louis personal injury attorney

What You Need to Know Before You Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

Updated 5/24/22 Although personal injury insurance is optional in most states, it’s advisable to purchase one if you’re a car owner. Personal injury insurance ensures proper compensation in terms of lost wages and medical bills for personal injury victims in the event of a car accident. Personal injury insurance also provides coverage when you’re a […]

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St louis workers compensation attorney
St. louis dog bite lawyer
When to call a personal injury lawyer

‘Am I a Victim of DUI?’ and Other Questions to Ask After an Auto Accident

A DUI attorney is the professional you need on your side after dealing with a drunk driving incident on the road. Whether someone accuses you of driving under the influence or you want to report a drunk driver, you need a lawyer who can guide you through your case and explain to you what are […]

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Attorney for reckless driving ticket
Ticket lawyer los angeles
Warrant for unpaid ticket

What It Means When Your Driver’s License Is Suspended

There are estimated to be about 200 million licensed drivers in the U.S. today — but that number doesn’t even come close to how many drivers are actually on the road. While many people simply drive without applying for a license at all, countless other drivers have had their licenses suspended by a judge or […]

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Do i need a personal injury lawyer
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St. louis subrogation

From Auto Accidents to Medical Malpractice, Here’s How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Any Case

Medical malpractice is the basis of a large percentage of civil law cases in the United States. In the event that you have been the victim of health care negligence, you should consider seeking the services of a medical malpractice lawyer. Legally speaking, medical malpractice is defined as the breach by a health care provider […]

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Holiday decoration injuries to avoid
St. louis hip knee foot and ankle injuries
St. louis railroad accident lawyer

The Top 5 Black Friday Shopping Injuries and Deaths That You Won’t Believe

Each year in the United States, the holiday shopping season officially kicks off the day after Thanksgiving. But in recent years, “Black Friday,” as it’s known to retailers and shoppers alike, has started earlier and earlier, and now Thanksgiving is known as “Black Thursday” for some people. Shoppers and retail workers forgo the turkey to […]

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Marijuana boat accidents
Personal injury mt vernon il
Wrongful death lawyer illinois

Three Essential Tips for Getting the Best Injury Settlement

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, the injured party typically does so to make sure that he or she is getting compensated appropriately for the pain, suffering, and losses incurred. In personal injury cases, when a person sustains bodily harm as a result of someone else’s negligence, the negligent party is legally […]

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Am i a victim of dui
Personal injury attorney
St louis wrongful death attorney

What Do You Do If You’ve Been in a Dump Truck Accident?

Most drivers on the road manage to steer clear of construction vehicles on the road. These trucks often have signs warning other drivers not to follow behind them, and the drivers of these large vehicles are trained in using safety precautions on the road. However, accidents can happen, and they can lead to life-threatening injuries […]

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Child custody attorney
Parental and marital rights lawyer

Three Interesting Things You Never Knew About Divorce

How much do you know about the legal procedure of divorce, and what more would you like to know to make it a bit clearer? People often walk into a family law firm with major questions about the legal process of divorce. They want to know things like “can a no-fault divorce be contested?” and […]

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Three Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

People typically assume that when they move their aging parent into a nursing home that they will be well cared for. The reality is that elderly abuse exists, and it’s not uncommon. In fact, there are cases of elder abuse in one in three nursing homes. Since elderly people are sometimes not aware of the […]

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